For about the last week I have been hearing phrases like "all offers are off the table"," We are not signing anything right now."." They got an e-mail telling the to stop signing anything til further notice", "Cheaspeake is pulling there people out and concentrating on other area>" What actual real facts do we have? Anyone have any contact, calls, contract offers the last couple days? Any FACTS one way or the other?

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i always look forward to you straight to the bone answers. Facts are getting thinner and thinner. Rumors are great in political campaigns and futures markets. But a pain in the a## here. THANKS
Maybe that's what they want us to believe so folks will hurry up and sell. Believe me, there are way too many companies out there and as long as the shale is producing and they are in the buisness they will come along sooner or later... no rush, those why wait will do much better.
Since starting this thread, I have heard from two more people that were told the CHK is not buying. And two more that petrohawk was not for the time being.

Any information to the contrary.
Aug 15, another email Caddo Parish,Offer pulled from table ,CHK tolg agent stop signing no explaination offered.

Any one have anything working?

One possible lease group signing south Bossier/Petrohawk scheduled for the 24th, will be watching to see if they show.
frome Sabine parish posting>>
Petrohawk representative to hold 2 day meetings at Converse City Hall on August 13th and 14th from 9am to 7pm. Bring property discriptions for possible leasing. (end quote)

That pretty much seems in line with last weeks chatter that the Big Boys were concetrating their attention west and south of Shreveport/Bossier.
Benton area
My subd. rcd its first letter from Red River yesterday for us to call them. I called and spoke with Mr. Howell (Red River) said they are wrapping up the "little land left" they have leased the "big land" all around us.......... Only offer is $8,500 25% 3yr. I told him you had better offers,(quote ends)
In late July Petrohawk did walk away from a deal in Texas for a large leasehold (thousands of acres) with no explanation given. It was sandwiched between an area where they have existing HBP acreage and an area where they have acquired/attempting to acquire leasehold.
In what county (and section of the county) in Texas did this happen?
Not the same deal. This was existing leasehold, no land owner involved. Two oil companies, one being Petrohawk, and the other the owner of the existing leasehold.
No, no greed. In fact the per acre number was less than $5,000.
No. There was a verbal agreement in place. All other companies where put on the sideline then out of the blue a phone call, from Petrohawk, and the deal was off.
I saw an offer get pulled right before closing last week. Around 600 acres, accepted an offer that was given.


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