Water in personal water well dropped costing $1500 after gas well drills 4-6 water wells

My next door neighbor's water well went out this week and we discovered the pump was up out of the water which caused it to burn the pump up. They had to replace the pump and drop it down 75 feet, in all costing her $1500.00 to fix it. The well has been there for 18 years with no problem. Now, they just also drilled 4-6 new water wells up the road for the gas well this week. Can anyone tell me if this is not connected? She is a widow and had no money to fix it and had to go borrow the money. I cannot believe this is not from those 4-6 wells drilled to frac the well, tell me if I am on the wrong path with this.

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No, can't say you are on the wrong path. And I think the company drilling the gas well should pay for the damage. It is not a neighbor using a reasonable amount of water that caused her loss. It may not be provable but it is very likely their water wells caused hers to stop pumping. Favorable community relations would be reason enough for assuming responsibility for an old widow woman's well. Small claims court as a last resort. Probably an attorney on here who could advise the best course to follow. Good luck.
Thank you for responding. If there is anyone out there that could advise on this issue please do. I know in my heart those new water wells caused this to happen. They are using a tons of water up there to frac the well. That is why they needed that many water wells drilled and within 2-3 days of the new wells being drilled, this happened to her.
Where did this happen?
Bledsoe Rd off 171. We live on a dead end road.
Call the operator, they may very well take care of it. I called CH about an old pipeline that they had on my property. I was pleasantly surprised they had it removed within 2 days.
I worry about the same thing happening to me.
The drillers need to be using surface water!
This is a concern that I have with these wells. I hate to see them using our drinking water for fracing the wells, they could truck the water in. They have many options in our region for obtaining water for fracing the well without using our groundwater.
I have been wondering about this myself. I have a really good water well with good water and I am also affraid that this could mess up my well. I was just wondering why they could not use salt water and they could haul it in in tankers on rails or trucks?
Salt water will not work. The salinity causes huge problems. Yes, it could be trucked in but that costs a lot of money and generally companies would prefer to use surface or groundwater from nearby.

I believe if she contacts CHK they will take care of her. But they won't take care of everybody! As the HS development goes on, water will be a bigger and bigger issue. But I'm not sure what laws/regulations govern the use of the water. Can one owner tell another owner that they are using "too much water" and shut them down? I just don't know.
Under the Discuss Haynesville tab, there are a couple of discussions regarding this. Also, under Groups tab, there is a group discussion Health, Safety, Environmental issues. Pleanty of links to resources there. Good luck.
Thank you. She does not have a computer or such to keep up. I try to keep her informed with all I can find out. I live next door to her and also have a water well but my pump was set 75 feet lower than hers 20 years ago but I am still concerned about mine now that this has happened as she is now where mine is set at (150ft)and they told her she only had 50 feet left before she would have to drill a new water well. I am going to encourage her to try to speak with CHK and see if they will try to work this out with her as that is who she is leased with for guess what amount, $200.00 acre back in late Jan of this year.
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