Recently Gatrpaw posted under the title "Some Thoughts to Share...Hopefully Helpful to the Novice GHS're! Hopefully all members have read this as it contains excellent advice. Based upon responses to date only a few members appear to have read this. I posted a recommendation for a book which I believe all members can benefit from. I am hopeful this posting well be read by many others.Hopefully  you will read Gatrpaws posting ass well as all posted comments.

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I've started reading it.

Good for you Bobi.  How could you put it down without finishing it? Perhaps you are still reading!

Which memes?

I read Gatrpaw's  post, "Some Thoughts to Share", You (Gatrpaw), have put things into perspective in a way that is understandable to the newbie to the oldie.  I admire you (,Gatrpaw) for bringing the facts and knowledge in a way everyone can understand. 

Mary Alison Knighton

After reading Gatrpaw's posting, and the recommendation that you posted, I bought the book as an ebook so that I got it immediately. It was a good read and hard to put down. But I only have so many hours a day to read, so it took about 3 days to finish. My eyes were opened, as it tells so much about the business only insiders would know. And there are (or were) some really interesting people involved in getting to where we are today. I hope more people will read Gatrpaw's posting and this book. I thought them worthy of bumps.

Please what is the link to get the book !

Scott, the book I referenced is "The Frackers", by  Gregory Zuckerman. I received mine as Christmas gift from my daughter. She ordered it from Barnes and Noble. Should also be available on e-bay.

I got the book !! Thanks!

Caught this posting late. What is the link to Gatrpaw's posting. Tried a search and could not find it. Thanks. Will check out the book.

Jim, Gatorpaws posting is under heading Some thoughts to share...Hopefully helpful to the novice GHS'ers"   It is currently three headings below this one.

Also, here is another book which just came out by the American Bar Association. It is apparently for laymen as well as anyone interested in the subject. Not full of legal jargon. Has some good press.

Beyond the Fracking Wars: A Guide for Lawyers, Public Officials, Planners, and Citizens

by Erica Levine Powers, Beth E. Kinne


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