Austin Chalk in Texas: including Tyler, Jasper and Newton Counties

Horizontal drilling, improved seismic testing,  and liner casing are offering new hope for the deep minerals in parts of the Austin Chalk which runs from near Austin, Texas through the middle of Louisiana to Biloxi Mississippi. 


In 1995, the USGS determined that the Austin Chalk is one of our Nation's largest, onshore domestic unconventional, continuous-type oil resource. More recently, exploration and production in frontier areas of Texas and Louisiana have shown that the Austin Chalk has additional potential as a continuous-type deep-gas resource mostly to the east and downdip of existing oil plays.

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My family has some property in the E Hardin Survey (A-346) of Tyler County adjacent to the Beech Creek unit of the Big Thicket and our lease has recently lapsed without the land being drilled. Ergon is undertaking their 3-well Sherwood Forest drilling program nearby and adjacent to our property, but for some reason they missed our 20 acres. In particular, the Robin Hood well (API 457-30748) runs just to the west of our property and the Maid Marian well (API 457-30769) is permitted to run south to the creek, but does not extend to our property.


I'm wondering why our property was not placed in a unit and why there seems to be no interest in releasing. I don't know if it has to do with jumping through the hoops to drill that close to the Big Thicket or if there is some sort of geological reason why the Maid Marian well is permitted to stop at the creek (fault line?).


Would anyone care to speculate, or better yet, have some solid information?


What is the going rate for a gas lease in Newton County just south of Newton?

You might want to browse through the Louisiana discussion of the AC.  I think there was some mention of Vernon Parish, just across the river from Newton Co.

That's for Tyler, not Newton?

And is that for Anadarko or another firm?


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