I own a % of the mineral rights of a property in Desoto Parish. We have received a recent lease offer but the bonus seems a little low. I realize it is no longer 2008 and the days of the $20,000+ per acre are long gone, but what is realistic at the moment?

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I have heard of a few offers over $10k/acre. But it depends on location, size of your tract, etc.
I know for a fact $10,000 an ac. was pd. in Grand Cane area last wk of Jan. 2010 on a small tract. Also, some of the major gas companies are doing leases on 50% minerals owned. I have friends who have an offer on table for $3000 an ac. for their 50% mineral ownership
Thanks for the replies. For what it is worth, it is a 200 acre tract in the northern part of section 4 T12, R16. We have leased this land numerous times over the years and the current lease is about to expire. The offer was $750/acre and 20%. Sounded low to me.
Comstock just reported a really good well in 15-12-16. It is #239849 on sonris. No matter what, you should demand 25% royalties -- don't settle for less. You are likely also sitting on top of the Mid-Bossier Shale. Go read the Petrohawk presentation that is on the main board on this site, and you'll see that. As I said, I know of others who have, in the last month, gotten at least $10k/acre for tracts of this size. Good luck.
Henry, I have heard the same thing. For both plays $10,000 has been offered recently. My advice is don't try to lease to Jay. Sounds like he wants to low ball.
Jay we recently bought a small acreage in Sec. 21 of 14/15 Desoto with unleased minerals. Highest offer has been $6000 an ac. Our friends with 5 ac. in Grand Cane just got $10000 an ac. from someone other than operator of the well. Your opinion. We turned down the offer and are waiting for a well to be drilled. We said our minimum would be $10000 an ac. as from the Petrohawk maps, both Haynesville and Bossier are in this area
John D,
You might want to pull your head out of your anal sphincter. You, my friend (using the term loosely) do not have a clue.
25 percent is standard in most leases today. I would expect lease prices in Desoto to be anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand. It all depends on the production around your property.
I am holding out on a few small lots and Skip did give me alot of great info. My question now is about the pre-appl. hearing notices that we all receive when they are applying for a new unit. (i think). There is always a paragraph in there about the co. wanting to 'force pool all the smaller, unleased...' Will I be offered again, before they force pool my small lots?
All mineral owners in the section, whether leased or unleased, large or small, are forced into the pool to form the unit. That's standard. You may lease at any time -- before or after drilling begins.
Henry, where is your land located?
Southern DeSoto


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