if you get a lease offer this year,pls let us all know the details.
what sections, the company, the amount ect.......

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great idea, Hope some folks get some offers to talk about.
January 6th- CHK 1750.00 an acre. 91 acres involved- Section 4-14N15W
i live in east texas. where's your property? what royalty % did you get. how did the negotiation go? did they make you an offer and you countered? thanks, jhh
Have not accepted offer. They did offer 25% royalty Property is on the Caddo, DeSota line. First offer was for 1250.
good for you
I just got a call from a client in Shreveport and she was offered $20,000 per acre. Property is close to Evangel High School. Do not know what the royalty interest is, I expect 25%. We will be handling for her, maybe we can get more money for the bonus signing.
Is this a small acre lot? or less than an acre? Have we confirmed that this was a current offer? Thanks.
Your gonna try to get more than $20,000 per acre? In todays situation? Just my opinion, but what more can you want now? Might want to talk to a lot of people that had the good offers walk. You ever heard that song "Take the Money and Run"? I don't know what kind of business you are in, but are you aware of the current situation? Hope you handle your clients business wisely. Once again, just my opinion. Hope you end up with a happy client.
KB,I read that post yesterday and actually posted and ask questions.I then deleted after getting curious and going back to about August and reading the posters other 2 post.
KB, My reply was in direct reference to her saying "maybe we can get more money for the bonus signing". Yeah, and maybe you will end up with your client getting nothing. Cathy Moffett sounds like the people that were handling my shale and they wouldn't take an offer that would have given me $400,000 dollars. And now I am trying to find out if I can sue them. Because you know what I got Little Ms. Moffett? Nothing, notta, not a damn thing. Great representation some of you people give.
Representatives have nothing to lose but the commission, unless of course, they have a good reputation that they have EARNED.
Parker, Do landmen get a commission on the leases they sign? If so, is the commission lower, the bigger the lease money? Does my question make sense? Long day in the classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!


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