What is the status of leases in West Feliciana for EOG? How far south of S. F'ville are they going?

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Claud this is Mark Gross. Hello cousin how have you been. We don’t have any of ours leased either in the Harvey place or in East Feliciana. 

Right now from what I know the oil and gas are there but from what I can gather there may not be technology to produce it. I know that since I left the oilfield things have changed a lot and I’m sure as time goes on they will change even more. We may not be here to see it but they will one day produce this oil. 

Hello Mark

i was wondering about you the last time I passed your place not long ago.

i can’t seem to find any info except the McKowen is an oil  well on the Sonris site.  No volume records that I can see.  Rumor mill is wild.  

I haven’t worked up a reason to talk to Little Jimmy about the EOG well they are drilling on his place in Norwood. He may not know anything andanyway as tight as they are with information. 


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