Got a question for u experts?  Is 11 frac stages alot. Shoud that make for a good well. 8 16n 15w

 thanks ylo


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No, 11 is not a lot. For example, Encana's recent completions that I have reviewed all had 13. The biggest determining factor is the quality of the shale. Brittle is better.
YLO, it is a function of both the number of stages and the size of each stage. For example some companies may utilize 11 frac stages that have the same amount of proppant and fluids as another company's 16 stages.

The following two wells had similar rates even though one had 2 more stages.

Chesapeake, Williams 18 #H1 Well, Serial #240451, S18-T16N-R15W, Caddo Parish, 12432 Mcfd, 22/64" Choke, 6324 psi Flowing Pressure, 11 Stages

Chesapeake, Freeman 5 #H1 Well, Serial #240468, S5-T16N-R15W, Caddo Parish, 13056 Mcfd, 22/64" Choke, 6870 psi Flowing Pressure, 13 Stages


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