In recent discussions we have touched on the impact of faults on HA/BO lateral placement and on the possibility that the closure of NW LA lignite mines might open some sections previously closed to development.  In my work today, I ran across a unit plat for alternate wells that illustrates both instances.  Faults that have sufficient "throw" to show up on basic play maps run from the NE to the SW.  Since the approval of cross unit laterals a number of units have been formed or reconfigured to allow long laterals that have a "toe" in close proximity to the area of the fault.  A few of those wells that we have discussed have exhibited unusually reduced early decline rates in comparison to the average HA/BO horizontal well and we have speculated that the area of faulting creates an extensive area of natural fracturing that the well would communicate with.  In other similar plats, multiple wells would have their bottom hole locations staggered along the diagonal boundary of the "fault' unit.

Also this particular plat shows the northern "fault" unit including the Oxbow Lignite Mine boundary and a cross unit well (HC) that includes lands inside and outside of the mine plan.


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Here is another example I pulled off my Commissioner's public hearing spreadsheet.



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