Can anyone give me any info about Acadian Land Services out of Lafayette. Anything would help. Thanks.

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They are a "land company".  Land companies are independent contractors hired by companies that need to acquire land rights such as cell tower sites, rights-of-way, surface use agreements and mineral leases.  Acadian is out of Lafayette which is home to a number of land companies owing to the amount of O&G business done there.

I'm going to take it that you have received an offer to lease from Acadian.  Energy companies to not employ sufficient staff in their land departments to conduct large scale leasing efforts, so they hire one or more land companies.  This is standard operating procedure. 

Name Type City Status
ACADIAN LAND SERVICES, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company LAFAYETTE Active
Previous Names
Charter Number: 34996303K
Registration Date: 10/9/2000
Domicile Address
  101 W. FARREL RD.
  BLDG. 1
Mailing Address
  101 W. FARREL RD., BLDG. 1
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
File Date: 10/9/2000
Last Report Filed: 9/11/2017
Type: Limited Liability Company
Registered Agent(s)
Address 1: 101 W. FARREL RD.
Address 2: BLDG. 1
City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70508
Appointment Date: 10/9/2000

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No 
Title: Manager, Member
Address 1: 101 W. FARREL RD.
Address 2: BLDG. 1
City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70508

Thanks Skip,

So they are not speculators but a legitimate company trying to make a lease deal for someone wanting to drill?

Do you have any idea what a decent offer might be for Natchitoches Parish 9N 10W.

The only offers in that vicinity that I have heard of recently came from Indigo Minerals.  What did Acadian offer?

350/acre  18.75 royalty. Sounds real low.

We have acreage in Sabine with Indigo.

Do you know of a section in 9N 10W that Indigo has leased and price?

That is low compared to the Indigo offers that I know of.  There is some Paluxy formation development in that general area and I would consider leasing shallow rights at those terms but not deep rights.  Acadian, and all land companies, work for clients.  Those clients may be companies that drill wells or may be companies that "invest" in leases.  This offer is so much lower than the offers I know, Acadian could be working for a company speculating in leases.  I don't know any specific sections but I have heard from land owners receiving offers south of Ajax in 10N - 10W to your immediate north.

Good info. Thanks again.

Back again Skip,


Do you have any idea what those offers were south of Ajax or any other offers from Indigo in that area?

Yes, but I don't think it appropriate to post in an open discussion. 

What section?  My wife has property in sec. 14.


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