Given the recent slowdown in HS activity and since it's been a few years since I've received a new division order I was surprised to receive one last week from a MidCon Gathering, with the operator being an Adams Oil Production, LLC, neither groups of which I am familiar with. I thought I would run this past the group to see if anyone else has received the same and if they know anything about the wells. This is for Caddo Parish, Sec 4, T20N, R15W. Thanks.

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Les, just for  the record, Section 4 of 20N-15W does not have Haynesville Shale.  Therefore the downturn in Haynesville Shale drilling has nothing to do with this turn of events.  The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation does not at this time recognize MidCon Gathering as a licensed "operator" of wells.  And none of the many wells in that sections list MidCon as an operator.  These old, shallow oil wells change hands multiple times over the years and it is possible that MidCon has applied to the state to be a recognized operator.  You'll have to pursue answers to your questions from MidCon.  Here is a link to MidCon Energy Partners.  Since the company specializes in Enhanced Oil Recover (EOR), MidCon may be planning a water flood project that includes Section 4.

Interesting!  Thank you for the information and the link. I will reach out to MidCon to see what is going on.

The Caddo Pine Island Field has had a number of EOR projects over the years including water floods, CO2 floods and "fire" floods.  I guess MidCon thinks they have a water flood technology that can squeeze more oil out of the field economically.  I'd be interested to know what particular formations they will be targeting.  There are a number of historically productive zones in the field.


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