Anybody know what’s going on in section 5-14n-16w


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Nothing that is obvious.  Why?

Todd, if you are getting offers to buy your minerals, join the club.  Many mineral owners are getting anywhere from a few to a boatload of unsolicited offers.  For those who would consider a sale, it's all in knowing what is a fair market valuation and what is not.  The details of a mineral interest matter - a lot.

Offer to lease 4-18n-14w.  Caddo Parish.  Not close by.

There are 2 horizontal wells in that section. Is the company making you a real offer? Have they told you a price-per-acre?

Cecil, since neither of those wells will produce from Section 5, they would have no relevance as to the value of Todd's minerals.  As indicated by the well names, these wells will be producing from Sections 8&17.  They are listed in Section 5 because the SONRIS database organizes wells by their surface location, not the producing sections. 


HA RA SU98;ONEAL 8&17-14-16 HC



HA RA SU98;ONEAL 8&17-14-16 HC


Cecil, As Skip referred to two horizontal wells those are not in section of offer I am referring to, although looking at a map they might be fairly close by near the southwest corner.  My offers have to do with proposal for combining units and forced pooling of those units 4 & 33 to the northeast.  But not wells Todd is referring to, although I am referring to surface location.

I've seen 1500 to 2200 in North Caddo Parish. Blanchard area.

J, do you have the corresponding royalty fractions that go with those bonus per acre amounts?  Both are needed to form an opinion of value.  I know of one recent lessor that got a $2k per acre bonus but they had to accept a three sixteenth royalty to get it.  I've heard from multiple lessors who got $1K and a one fifth royalty.

Yes, J , I'd like to know as well.  Is this part of the proposed combined units for USG wells or for wells already drilled?  Without poring over maps again, I don't know where Blanchard ends and North Shreveport begins or vice versa.


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