In transferring ownership of our mother's interests on a handful of wells to my sister and I, I discovered a well that was suspiciously missing I didn't catch when we transferred our dad's interest several years ago. 

Location: 32, 12N, 14W | DeSoto Parish
Serial: 23295 | Name: James RB; Jewell J Hamiter 001 | Status: Active/Producing
Operator: Amplify

Situation: Jewell J Hamiter is my grandfather. There are 9 other wells we own rights to on the same property covering just over 40 acres. The original lease from 1946 shows my grandfather as the lessee.

Amplify: “Production has held this lease and kept it in an active status. However, through acquisitions and assignments the lease that was originally taken is still active due to the production and belongs to Amplify as if we were the original Lessee. We don’t find you on the deck for this well, which admittedly seems strange given the name."

When we inherited our dad's interests it was BP, then Wildhorse Resources, and Amplify (originally Memorial).  

Amplify is doing further research. I thought I’d post this in the meantime in case anyone has any wisdom as to the likelihood we may have an interest in this well. 

Thanks in advance!

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Jimmy, well names reference the surface owner who may not necessarily be the mineral owner.  When land is sold and the minerals rights are reserved, a mineral servitude is created with a prospective life of ten years.  The servitude is maintained if production is achieved within that ten year period and the ten year period is suspended.  When production ceases, the ten year clock starts anew.  Every time a well is drilled, even if it is not productive, the ten year period begins again.  The mineral history of the section is determinative as to mineral ownership, not the well name.  This seems to be what Amplify is referring to in their reply.

Thanks Skip!



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