We have had quite a few new members join lately, i'm interested in what brought you here and what major questions or issues are on your mind. Chime in!

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Keith, APC leased our minerals in T20N, R14W. As of now, they've not filed to create any 960 acre drilling/spacing unit(s) to which our acreage would be attributable. So, for now, for us, it's kind of like holding a lottery ticket. Thanks for the forum, Jim Weyland

Nice to hear from you Jim. Which play are they interested in targeting?

The Brown Dense is what their lease proxies told us last year. In the nearby area, they've already got 3 wells down, one drilling & another 2 where 960 units have been filed for, all of which I surmise are targeting that formation. 

I found the site following Austin Chalk development. APC lease our land for Austin Chalk and then bailed on us. Been following the TMS since hoping to see it develop.

I am not a newbie, been lurking for a year now, but I never made an introduction:  I am Britt Herrin, the Executive Director of the Pike County Economic Development District, and work closely with Amite County, so we are vitally interested and involved with the TMS, so any suppliers or businesses that want to have a foothold in servicing this emerging economic boom, please contact me.  Also of interest to this group are two meetings upcoming:  a TMS Vendor Fair at Southwest Mississippi Community College in mid October and a TMS Summit in Baton Rouge sponsored by Infocast in early December.  Email me at bherrin2@pikeinfo.com if you want more info.  Thanks to Kevin and others who participate for providing this fourm!

thanks for coming out of the "shadows!"

Welcome to all the new members, join in and join discussions. We are mostly all in the same boat in here so feel free to post, ask questions and reply to existing topics.

Hi, I'm Byron Spinks, not a newbie but have only made a few posts.  I'm a landowner in R15W T19N Section 24, 90 acres, currently unleased.  Have an offer on the table of $500/acre, 22 1/2%, which I have declined.  Waiting on a better offer.

Hi Byron, was that your first offer? Do you mind sharing the company?

That is the first offer, $500/acre & 22 1/2% from Tacoma Energy, which I understand to be working on behalf of Anadarko.  I'm in no hurry to lease since I leased at low rates in 2006 and missed the boom of 2008.  I've now been unleased since 2011.

I live and work in Pike County, MS; have property in Amite County.  All in the TMS.  I represent the Town of Summit on the Pike County Economic Development District board.  We are very interested in the TMS and are trying to learn from other areas to prepare for the economic development in our area.  


I have been around this sight for a few years. With the latest industry activity the board has become more important to me as I have a tract with both surface and mineral ownership in the Millerton Project. I have been able to connect with other mineral owners and gain valued perspective. Additionally, I have been able to renew an acquaintance from a different era, not geologic but close to it, in the much talked about Homer "Skip" Peel. He has helped me with his postings and also he has offered valued advice to me, free of charge. I would advise all new members to read, laugh, and learn. Disregard personal attacks and implications. We all have our motives and we must be adult enough to know what is in our best interest.

Skip once impressed me with his stories of personal encounters with baseball greats back in 1964/65. Skip just did not visit the Astrodome when the Mick played an exhibition game. He was in the clubhouse with Jim Gentile before the paint dried. At the time I thought that was very impressive. Well, he impresses me more with extensive knowledge here in the 21st century. I appreciate his knowledge and his assistance. New members, you have come to the spot to learn and we all have a valued source of info from true oil and gas knowledge. There are egos and intrigue, but there are tremendous opportunities to learn much more than staying fixed to a clique of believers. One can get both perspectives, but when the rubber meets the road and a landowner wants free advice, Homer came through for me.    


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