I just found Oakfield Energy's application to the state for next phase of their pipeline, from sec 16 18n r2w,

westward over to Penntex Mount Olive plant. Activity may be picking up again........seismic work is going on

.......pipeline applications..............a lot of land leased up...........drill it, produce it!


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We may have to wait a bit to see where Range will focus its drilling program.  There is only one rig running in Lincoln Parish currently.  That's a low going back a number of years.  The other three MRD contracted rigs are in Jackson Parish.  Connections from those wells/units to the Terryville infrastructure is likely high priority at this time.

BKG...if you don't mind me asking, where do you find the pipeline applications?  Thanks.  Clay

Pipeline applications go through the same notice and hearing process as drilling units and alternate unit wells so they are listed in the Commissioner's Public Hearing schedule.


Thanks, Skip.

Clay, Go to "La. Department of Natural Resources"  On the left side are listed the different divisions, go to "conservation," Hearings, oil and gas. I believe that gets you to the page. I access them by "date," like 06/01/2016  to 11/30/2016 and so on. You can go backward to retrieve previous hearings on things that have already been addressed.....BKG

Use this link and bookmark the hearing schedule.


Will do, thanks for the link. BKG

Thank you, Skip.  Appreciate all you do to keep us informed.

You're welcome.  I appreciate the input from the residents and mineral owners in the Terryville Complex and step out areas.  We ought to get a feel for Range's development plans over the next several months.  It will take some time for the change of operator from MRD to Range to be completed but I suspect that we will see some drilling unit applications and well permits in their name before the end of the year.


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