Pending Lawsuit Involving Shreveport County Club Shareholders and Purchasers?

I heard through a friend in Shreveport last week that there was a pending lawsuit between SCC original shareholders and recent buyers of the club who had sold a lease to Chesapeake, then donated the surface rights and club to Evangel.

Is this accurate, and if so, what is the status of the lawsuit? Still pending or settled?

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Pending. suit 526926.

The club was owned by an LLC, the LLC took over from the original shareholders (the property was deeded without a reservation to the LLC) and tried to save the club, but it didn't work out. the minerals were leased by the LLC. The surface was then donated to Evangel, (actually to Duron's mistries Winners Circle interneational, inc.)

The original shareholders are upset because they gave up their mineral rights to the LLC. They claim it was done by the board of the original corp, to benefit themselves.


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