Asking specifically about recent experience's w/ Millennial's ownership in Evans 4-14-15 & Terrell 4-14-15. My ORI in those two well's has been reduced by Millennial allegedly due to a new survey & TO from CHK but still unpaid since 10/2017 production so curious if others have had sim. experiences like this w/ Millennial. 

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If the change is due to a new survey, you'll have to get a copy through Millennial or CHK because the OOC has granted a moratorium on the compliance orders requiring operators to catch up their delinquent unit survey plats.  The operators have until April 2021 but they can always request an extension.

Thanks Skip, was also curious if any here have been getting the run around from Millennial's land dept. sim to the blah blah blah I've had from 'em this year. Master's Engineering in Austin bought Millennial's interest in these wells effective 12/2019 IIRC but no issues there as mine's w/ the back pay owed by Millennial.


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