Skip or others what changed to cause both the pre-app & application notices for the calling of pub. hearings to no longer be sent out? Perhaps another change due to COVID & a mea culpa if it's been previously mentioned here.

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Michael, I have no idea.  Can you describe how this came to your attention?

Somewhat of a string saver Skip when it comes to hard copies but I couldn't locate a pre or app for the Sentell 2&11-14-16 1HC, 2&11-14-16 2HC or 2&11-14-16 3HC ALT. 

Mentioned as they popped on my radar last month when CHK started paying on them suddenly + new DO's are apparently no longer sent out, guess I missed that change as well.

Michael, you can't look up alternate well applications using well names.  To locate the correct application, you need the unit designation and the field.  Keep in mind that Field Orders are effective indefinitely unless superseded by a subsequent application.  The Field Order for those wells could be years old.


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