Samson Completes Two Excellent Shale Wells in Texas (5/31/09)

The following information for two Harrison County wells was posted in today's East Texas Drilling Report in the Tyler Paper. I believe these are two of the highest rate Haynesville/Bossier Shale wells in Texas to date.

"Samson Lone Star completed the Woodley GU 1 Well No. 2H to 14,790 feet four miles northwest of Elysian Field and potentialed 9.164 million cubic feet of gas on a 26/64-inch choke. The Riley Trust Well No. 2H hit 15,560 feet seven miles west of Waskom and potentialed 10.438 million cubic feet of gas on a 40/64-inch choke in the Haynesville formation."

Additional information for the two wells is as follows:

Samson, Riley Trust #2H  Well, Serial #673858 
Samson, Woodley Gu 1 #2H  Well, Serial #672217 

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Thanks, Les. It's about time that some additional production results were announced for East Texas. The descriptions given, though certainly not exact, would seem to place the wells in relatively close proximity to the I-20 corridor. If so the IP's appear to be similar to the wells in NW. LA. on a E/W line. Do you think there is any correlation?
I would agree with that.
Is Samson Contour that Skip referred to and Samson Lone Star the same company? I saw that Samson Lone Star was assigned a whole bunch of leases at the end of last year from Cinco in Northern Sabine County and am selfishly hoping they are the good company you are referring to and that they eventually get to that area.
Alongview, use the following link to review Samson Investment Company, the parent of both Samson Lonestar (Texas) and Samson Contour (Louisisana)


I'm not up to speed on Texas development activity but my impression is that Samson Lonestar is very aggressive and capable. Samson Contour is, well, a cipher, IMO. With 100+ HA unit orders, one completed HA vertical and exactly zero horizontal HA completions (3 HA wells drilling), Samson Contour is hard to figure. I have posted a number of discussion topics seeking to explore what in the heck SC is up to. When I hear positive comments, I attribute them to the parent company and hope that they bode well for future SC operations in LA. Time will tell but I suspect there are quite a few mineral owners, including GHS members, who are in sections unitized by SC in NW. LA. and would like to have a better handle on their future development plans. And ability.
Thanks Skip.
ALongview, most of Samson's holdings in Louisiana are outside the core of the Haynesville Shale. One exception is the following horizontal well being drilled in the core of Red River Parish. This will give us a good idea of their true capability to handle the play.

Samson, Wood 30 #H1 Well, Serial #239551, S30-T14N-R9W

I am impressed with the two Texas wells. Most of their permitted and/or drilled Bossier Shale wells in Texas are located in Harrison County.
Thanks Les, I will keep an eye on that well.
Skip, there appears to be axis from Louisiana into Texas. One headed almost due west to Harrison County and the other running southwest toward the Angelina River Trend.
Les. I get lost quickly when I cross the Sabine. And I am unfamiliar with the Angelina River Trend.
Skip, think Lufkin. That's the ticket!!
Okay, Lufkin it is. LOL!
Hey Les what is the Angelina River Trend? Is this area considered to be in the Haynesville?


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