South Caddo residents protest Chesapeake drilling

(The Shreveport Times)
South Caddo residents protest Chesapeake drilling
May 14, 2009

Wielding signs decrying Chesapeake Energy Corp, wearing makeshift masks over their faces and displaying photos of cats, dogs and cows, about 15 demonstrators marched in front of the Regions Bank building in downtown Shreveport today, charging that the company is killing animals and causing illnesses.

Carrying signs with slogans like, “Fraud is Fraud I was cheated by Chesapeake and Goodrich”, “We’re at risk, please protect us”, “Toxic chemicals, dead cows, are we next”? the protestors descended on the building where Chesapeake’s local office is located.

“I want them to come out and be good, be honest and have integrity,” said C. C. Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, which claims 23,000 members. Canady started the group about two years ago after several residents of rural Caddo Parish complained that they were unfairly treated when asked to lease their mineral rights.

“We know Chesapeake isn’t going anywhere, but we want them to provide better living conditions for the people and animals in this community,” she said.

Canady and members of the group live in the south Caddo Parish area where 17 head of cattle died last month after, invegastigators say, they likely drank a substance that flowed from a natural gas well site and into a pasture. Analysis of the substance confirmed that it contained elevated chlorides, oil and grease and some organic compounds.
Canady say she witnessed some of the deaths and reported that the cows appeared to have swollen bellies.

She promises many more organized protests.

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How come these people are not at work? LOL Maybe they work at night. You should see the photo of the man wearing the mask. LOL Could use it for the SWINE FLU!!!
I guess they won't be selling hamburgers at their events.
There's more to these folks than meets the eye. Wonder what you have to do to be a member of "United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights. You don't think they might have double counted their 23,000 members do you? C. C. Canady must really be bored, whoever she is. No telling what their agenda is.
Looks like this guys cholestrohol is going to kill him long before drilling will...
"Looks like this guys cholestherol is going to kill him long before drilling will..."

Bwahahahahaha, Baron, thanks for the laugh pal.
You get 15 out of 23,000 members to show up and The Times covers it. I quit reading it long ago.
But it makes you laugh everyday you read it......I read it online. I do not give the "paper" my hard earned money.
I hear you. I used to just read the obits online, but even they seemed slanted to the left.
Hell, send CHK or whover over my way. I'll have a barbeque for um.
Well, don't send Camterra, BEUSA, et al.

Other than the vertical drillers, send them all to Alabama Bend!
C. C. Canady is an ignorant woman minister that thinks she knows more than anyone else. She is angry because she didn't get the big bucks for lease money, that's all there is to it.
There is no doubt about it.
"This group formed about 2 years ago because people were getting treated unfairly in their mineral leases" ?

#1) How did they find out a whole year before everyone else did about questionable lease practices ?

#2) How come they didnt try to warn everybody else ?

#3) How come I never heard of them till now ?

#4) Not to even seem to defend the O&G's or their practices ,I thought I read on here somewhere that cattle wouldnt drink contaminated water ?

I hope this isnt an attempt to push an agenda at the expense of the truth. Not pointing fingers, just using said finger to scratch my head with and say......Huuummmmm.
If the O&G's are at fault, they should pay.Period!
These may become the most expensive cows in history.


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