I happen to live near about 10 large pipeyards east of houston. Just a few short years ago they were mostly abandoned and had been so long enough to grow trees. Then in the last 5 years they began to come back into operation. Well just in the past couple of months they have really boomed. I passed by today and there were trucks lined up 10 deep waiting to haul. And the pipe is stacked up so high and wide that it looks like cord wood. Thousands and thousands of pipe. Much of it is drill stem I believe. What does this mean? I know it is an indicator of some sorts but is it good or bad? These yards have never looked like this in at least 20 years!!! is it stacking up because of lack of drilling or are they gearing up to drill?

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How do you know it is drill stem??

Why not surface casing, production casing, tubing????? Are you a pipe expert?

The fact that trucks are lining up to haul off says that is is demand for pipe is up.
No moron oh excuse me Baron. I am not a pipe expert. If I were I suppose I might not need to ask a question on a website. :) Not all the pipe is the same size. There is alot of the larger casing size pipe but the mass of it is about the size of drill pipe. If you can tell the difference maybe you could access the cerebral cortex of your brain and expound on your wealth of knowledge instead of accessing your anal sphinktor and blowing poo in lieu of an answer. ??????
It could be tubing. It could be for wells that don't need a large casing pipe. Operators like to buy the smallest pipe they can to do the job. Its cheaper that way.

Thats the best I can do without seeing the pipe.

You may want to keep your speculating down on topics you don't understand.
Obveously you are on this site for a reason. Either you are a mineral owner (which I doubt). Or you are on the land man side of things. I believe either way you are titled to your opinion.. However, so am I. And if my opinion which is very optimistic is troubling you then you are definately not a mineral owner in the HS.
So here are the facts without opinion , just for you.
1. Pipeyards are full of drill stem, casing, pipeline pipe, and other various pipes.
2. My buddies company is set to haul for nearly 30 new pad sites starting in january.
3. NFR has 30+ frac tanks on the well 1.3 miles from me that they just finished drilling and are now fracing.
4. The new year brings newly allocated funding for companies in the new 1st quarter of next year.
5. Obama said he wants greener fuels. and less foreign oil. and you cant get much greener or closer to home than natural gas in the piney woods.

so bam. throw a little garlic on that.
First of all, Obama is for alternative fuels, i have never heard him say cng. We will see.

Also you said " Either you are a mineral owner (which I doubt). Or you are on the land man side of things." Did it ever occur to you that I am both.

I am.

I am also not a just a land man. I work for a small indepandent. I do many things besides run title and buy leases.
and Gone fishen,

Just because the accountants books start fresh in Jan, HK and CHK neeed revenue and to pay down debt. They also need to drill their existing leaseholds not HBP befor they have to start renewing/buying new leases.

Not going to leave much $$$ for new leasing i think.
Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine!
I can be......
When LSU manages to win a game.
>>and you cant get much greener or closer to home than natural gas in the piney woods.

I hope Obama sees it the same as you. I'm afraid Obama will be against CNG as a motor fuel because it still does produce greenhouse gas, even though it's about 20% or more less than gasoline or diesel.

Everyone with an interest in the HS has an interest in promoting CNG as the primary transportation fuel in America.
Hey Gone Fishin! Good to see you're still around. Chk and Hk aren't the only folks around who might be planning to drill or lease. At least not in Tx. anyhow. And I'm hearing that a new round starts with the new budget. Devon, EOG, XTO, Cabot to name a few, so all that pipe must be for them...
Most of the companies you just named operate within their cash flow so no need to create a credit relationship that may be very risky(the bank's survival) at best. Bring on January, I know it can't be worse than October/November.


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