Wanted to announce the birth of our son, Keith Michael Mauck, Jr. Keith Jr was born on March 7th and weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz. Just a little guy. He and mom are both doing well. Very excited to have a son to compliment our 2 beautiful daughters. Indeed, we are blessed.



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Congratulations to you and Anna.  He's a handsome little boy.  I know your girls must be excited to have a baby brother.   

I'll take a landman. lol.

Keep fighting the good fight.  Keep America's rights and freedoms and he can grow up to be anything he wants.  congratulations and best wishes.
You go boy!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome!!! And a Jr.! Even better. Congratulations!
Happy that you got a boy to off set the two prior "Expensive Models" (That's what I call girls) for they can get anything that want from Daddy. I have one also.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  He is precious!!!!  I hope he chooses a great career that is suitable for his aptitude as that will mean he will develop real interest and expertise.  Thus, he will be very happy!!!

I would suggest that he not be a school administrator as that pays well for others, but not for the employee and his or her family.  LOL Meanwhile, we must focus on the diverse stages of growing up to be happy and successful!!!!  
























Congrats to you and your family.  March 7th is a big day in my household as well as it is my beautiful and brilliant daughter's birthday.
Congratulation on the addition to family-good looking little guy.  God Bless!

Oh he's beautiful. Congratulations to you both!  I love boys... they are heaven sent blessings. (as are girls!)

So happy for you guys and what a cutie. :)

Congratulations.  What a blessing.  Hope you and your son have a life time of happiness.  Nothing like

a son to follow his Dads foot steps in life.  The whole family must be very excited, especially the two

girls who will enjoy spoiling him.  Hope your wife is doing great.  Sincerely The Shadow.

Thank! The web is such a weird place. This is the first time someone has signed a note, "The Shadow." lol.


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