TSW LAND CO./Grenadier Oil Co
Offering lease in Claiborne

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It seems the industry is still moving along
In Claiborne,section 21.We hope to see
Something like wild horse or Guzman well activity
Sometime in the future? That would be exciting .

What is your township and range?

Sec 26/21/6w would anyone happen to know how far from wild horse exploritory drill this would be? Appologies,I have been at work all day couldn't respond sooner.

Neither TSW Land Company nor Grenadier Oil Company is a corporation registered with the LA Secretary of State.  Also Grenadier Oil Company is not enrolled as an operator with the LA Office of Conservation. 

Currently there are no open well permits for Township 21 North, Range 6 West.

That's odd,maybe they haven't consumed all 640 yet.. Thank you for the info Skipp.it may just be in beginning stages, Hopefuly something good will come of it

Although Grenadier's website lists areas of interest including three in Texas they have no permits listed for Texas wells. The website states that the company is interested in "resource" plays which would indicate that they are not interested in one section (640 acres) but in a lease block of a much larger size.  Since Grendaier is an LLC there will not be much information in the public domain

They are now in Union Parish leasing.

Thanks Tom , good to hear we are not the only LA leasors, any positive responses around the area?

Are you asking how long it would take to drill a single horizontal well?  I don't understand your comment regarding a 16 mile long project.  How about square miles?

Say 10 sq miles.. Basically oil co is saying can take up to 2-3 yrs does it sound about right to you?

It's not possible to know any intended development schedule.  Ten square miles would be approximately 60 sections.  To know how many wells would be required to be drilled you have to know the unit size.  640 acre drilling units would take sixty wells.  1280 would be thirty. 

However the game has changed with the state approving Cross Unit Lateral wells.  Depending on the formation that is the target it might be easier to form 640 acre units and drill CUL wells through multiple units.  It used to be possible to come up with an educated guess but now I see a half dozen or more different CUL layouts.

I would take any statement regarding the time required to drill with a grain of salt.  Landmen typically have no idea and simply tell you what they are told.  Even the company planning the wells doesn't know for sure until they start drilling.


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