How can I find out where wells are being drilled in or around my section?

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I like this map too, but beware it is very incomplete. Best bet is to to use SONRIS lite (search wells by section-township-range) or the GIS in SONRIS.
I have seen wells that are officially permitted as HA wells that are not shown, also many approved units are not shown. That being said, I commend DNR for providing as uch as they have. They are under no obligation to make us cute little maps and spreadsheets. I just wanted to point out that the map is a good referance point, but by no means should it be taken as gospel.
some units that are signed of on do not show up.
I'm a land owner in Bienville Parish. Can anyone give me information on well (I think) between Friendship and Mt Olive on Hwy 155. It is located between the railroad crossing and the turn to go to Bienville (Hwy 508) I
live in out of State so any information would be helpful to me. JoJoBn6


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