Aethon recently drilled six consecutive wells in Sec 9 T12N R11W in DeSoto Parish.  Looking at Sonris I see the status code for all six wells is #31, Shut-In Dry Hole - Future Utility.  What exactly does that mean?  Thanks for your assistance.

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Charles, Status Code 31 is misleading in the way that operators use it in the age of horizontal wells.  The common, current use of 31 is indicate that the well has been drilled to Total Depth TD), cased and awaiting a completion crew.  There is always a dead period of some weeks or months from when the drilling rig leaves until the frac crew shows up.  Those wells are not "dry", they are simply not yet completed.

I am told the wells have been fracked . . . how do I check that out on Sonris?

Go to the SONRIS Data Access Well File and scroll all the way to the bottom.  There should be a Work Permit for the frac operation.  That does not always mean that the frac has occurred, just approved from the effective date forward usually 12 months.  Until the wells are "turned to sales" and reported as such the Status will remain 31.  Upon reported complete, the Status will then be 10 for a producing well.  A well can be turned to sales but not reported as complete for some months after the actual date sometimes for as long as 3 to 5 months.  You may also wish to click on the well serial number in blue and review the latest reports in the SONRIS Document Access portion of the database.  There may just be a completion report there which spells out the number of frac stages and dates if indeed the frac occurred some time ago.


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