Completion and allowable data will be online sometime next week for the Comegys 6-7H, Comegys 32-29H and the Volentine 5-33H.  I think there are additional completed and tested wells that will follow soon after those first three.  I'll post results here once the data is uploaded to the state database.

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Great Skip.  I've been wondering what was going on there..  With all their legal woes, I am pulling for them on this.  Look forward to your update.

Uh, Skip, where are these wells located?

Dixie-Belcher area along Hwy. 71.

The state potential tests (SDM2G) for the Comegys 32-29H #1 and Comegys 6-7H #1 are now entered in the SONRIS Well Files.

246868 Comegys 32-29H #1

Well Test     Cond   Gas Del   Water    Flow Pres   Choke   Upper Perf   Lower Perf   

SDM2G          29.5    1164        1302         2351          18        10072             16006

246867 Comegys 6-7H #1

                      11.15     3051        988          1820           26       10535             17657


Care to expand/explain what this means to us average Joe's and how this might affect Anadarko's future plans ?


These are pretty poor IP results considering the well cost.  However they are not a surprise to Anadarko as the company has flowed these wells previously for limited time by flaring the gas.  They are being reported now because they are flowing to the Central Processing Facility.  Now that the facility is operational all of the completed wells will have a state test and begin flowing to sales.  At least one additional well of which I am aware has a potential report being processed at the District 6 office.  It's a better well but still not anything that will impress most people.  Since Anadarko has continued to permit wells and apply for units it is obvious that they will continue to drill wells.  The last well drilled was on Hwy. 1 just south of Caddo Lake and north of Blanchard.  There is an earlier well south of Mooringsport near the state line.  And a pending unit application is for the first all Bossier Parish unit although it is not far across the river and north of Benton.  These are all "step outs" from the first group of wells along Hwy. 71 in the Dixie-Belcher area.  Anadarko has a large area under lease which they will seek to test and delineate.  This start is not great but it is just the beginning so we'll need to wait and see more results.

Thanks Skip!

skip, i agree. these IP results seem pretty meager.

i wonder why they're still getting after it in light of these results. the wells are still producing a lot of load water. maybe, they'll do better once they've gotten all of that water out of there.

thanks, jim

A lot of people have and are wondering the same thing, jim.  Of course it's all about expectations.  Mine were based on the HA and CV horizontal liquids wells that Anadarko has been drilling for almost three years in E TX.  Those wells have a high variance in production rate and even the best are not overly impressive yet Anadarko has probably drilled a hundred or more.  Part of the reason that Anadarko continues to drill these kinds of wells IMO is that they are generally low risk and the cost to drill and complete has been driven down over time by the company.  At some point in the future Anadarko may make mention of this play in their corporate presentations.  The name of the project is Jitterbug.

skip, thanks. today, i looked at the volentine 5-33 sonris well file. while there isn't a sdm2g, there was an allowable of 5+MMcfd. 

is the volentine 5-33 alt-2 well they were recently permitted for an infill well?

if so, to me, to borrow/expropriate a lewis carroll expression things are "curiouser and curiouser".

as i'm sure you well know they're in baton rouge today to get permitted for 6 new 960 acre drilling and spacing units including the bossier parish step-out you've previously mentioned.

there's an old joke where the guy was asked how did he expect to make any money by selling below cost. his response was that he intended to make it up by selling in large volume.

Yes, the Volentine #1 is a better well.  Whether it is good enough is a question to be answered in time.  The alt-2 is an infill or more properly an alternate unit well.  There has not been a rig drilling for Anadarko in N Caddo the last two rig reports.


by their having the permitted comegys 25-36, springbank 13-12 and the volentine 5-33 atl 2 wells ready to go, i wonder why they're not now drilling.

it costs good money to de-mob a rig and more good money should they re-mob the rig.

i'm also puzzled in light of their having gone to the trouble to get the 2nd volentine well approved less than two weeks ago.

cessation shouldn't be over the drilling budget thing, everyone with drilling success usually runs out of money before the end of the year and just as soon as you turn the calendar to january, they all resume drilling.


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