We sent an email to XH, LLC asking about our mineral lease.

The following is their reply.

Can anyone refer us to a site that would include a map

of this particular well, acreage included and projection of





"Your lease in the 
J. L. Y'Barbo A-60
is held by the production of the
Westerners DU 01H which completed
drilling 9/14/11. The next step is for XTO to
run title curative to make sure that we have the
correct owners and then we will issue
division orders which will show your
division of interest. When you sign and
return the division order you will
begin to receive royalty checks.
This is a lengthy process which takes
about 6-9 months from the completion of the well.

Please let us know if you have further questions,

XTO ENERGY A subsidiary of ExxonMobil"


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tad pole--- you ask about web site for map etc of well--- you can finnd a map with drilling permit that will have a plat of well location. It will show original P-12 list of royalty owners in plat ( The final will be filed for record in county at county clerks office). the site is the Texas RRC. It is friendy user. Go to jffree1 group on this GHS site for tutior on how to look up things on the RRC. If you can not find what you are looking for on the site then ask jffree1 she will be happy to help you.

There are two wells: 347-33202, Westerners (SL) DU #1H & 347-33237, Westerners (SL) DU #1HB but since they are stacked laterals they will have production reported under one ID #, as one well. 

347-33202 had an IP report dated 9-25-11: 10.071 MMcfd on 17/64 choke with 8811# flowing pressure.

347-33237 had an IP report dated 9-23-11: 11.663 MMcfd on 17/64 choke with 8689# flowing pressure.

Cum. production, through August 2012 is 3,506,249 mcf (both wells)

Send them another e-mail and let them know that you know the wells have been producing for over a year and ask them again what the hold up is with your mineral interest. If there are no questions on your tract, specifically, they should be able to put you in pay... if they just will. It's no consolation but you are not alone. They hold up everyone.


Remember when they do start paying to ask for your interest payments during the period of the delay.

Finally, the first check was issued on 9/25/12 which included production from 09/11 to 07/12 for wells WESTERNERS DU 01H  and  WESTERNERS DU 01HB.  

Mr. Barnum, they did not include interest payments.   Interest did not enter our mind as we were so excited to finally receive a check.   We will pursue that recommendation.

And since you folks are just full of good knowledge, is it common for the Haynesville Shale Gas wells to fizzle out so rapidly?  Our 9/12 payment is less than one half of the 9/11 payment.  Yes,  the NG price in 9/11 was $3.81 and $2.54 in 9/12.


tad pole

On a single lateral,you can expect a 70% - 80% decline curve the first 12 months of production, then it should start to level and flatten out. You have stacked laterals, so it may be some what different.


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