I see that Urban Oil & Gas spudded the HUTCHESON -B- #2-16 in S16-T18S-R19W on July 21, 2014. This appears to be a 7900' try at some part of the Cotton Valley  formation in the Atlanta Field. Urban had 2 other permits for the same formation in Sections 18 and 17 of the same field, which were issued the week of June 6, 2014, but I don't know whether these wells have been drilled or not. Maybe someone more familiar with the area can fill us in.

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On looking further I see that the Hutcheson B, along with the Hutcheson C in the same section, were permitted on 4/16/2014 by Urban. So Urban has at least 4 permits in the Atlanta Field, all shown with proposed depth of 7900 feet in the Cotton Valley formation. The Hutcheson B is apparently the first one to be spudded.

Maybe Urban liked what they saw in the Hutcheson B #2-16, as they are now drilling the Hutcheson C #2-16 in the same section. This well was started 8/6/14 and the rig is Sewell Drilling Rig #2, the same rig that drilled the Hutcheson B.

The completion results for the Hutcheson C #2-16 are given in the latest AOGC Permit and Completion Report. It tested at 66 barrels per day of 42 gravity oil and 70 MCF of gas on 8/28/14. Perforations are from 7248-7305 feet. The oil IP is nearly 50% higher than was reported for the Hutcheson B #2-16 a week or so earlier.


Urban now has a permit for another Cotton Valley try in the Atlanta Field. It is the Young, O. 5-17 well, permit #47581, in 17-18S-19W, permitted to 7800'.


The Hutcheson B #2-16 is "drilling ahead" by Sewell Drilling Rig #2 as of 8/1/14.

The drilling rig has apparently moved off the Hutcheson B #2-16 location as of 8/8/14, so I suppose we will have to rely on the AOGC weekly permit/completion reports for further information:


The serial # for the Hutcheson B #2-16 is 47247.

Completion results for the Hutcheson B #2-16 are reported in the AOGC weekly report of 9/12/2014. The well was completed on 8/23/14 to flow 45 bbl per day of 42 gravity oil and 100 MCFD of gas. Perforations are in the Cotton Valley from 7335-7340 feet.

Urban continues their Cotton Valley drilling in the Atlanta Field. The latest well is the Reeves #2-17 in 17-18S-19W, which was spudded 10/6/14 by Sewell Drilling rig #2.


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