PetroHawk mailed out its proposed pooling notice for 10, 21 and 28. The pre-pooling conference will be April 8th in Shreveport. PerroHawk has sec 15 due a hearing to pool in BR on march 31. Sec 32 and 33 are pending for Will-Drill section 29 which is pending for Chesapeake. So! seems like some drilling on this side of the lake for Bienville Parish.
I know they are working on a lot of sections around the area to get controlling interest ASAP cheap.

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Your right..... I had a case of old timers it was winwell which owns WSF.
Who is HK
Will-Drill is not a 100% owned sub of Petrohawk.
I have land in Sec 10. Where in Shreveport will the prepooling conference be held at?
I arrived home from the pool hearing on section 15 to a letter from Petrohawks Lawyers stating a pre-pool conference will not be held. This is wrong as I went by their offices downtown and requested same and their geologist even called my house asking why I requested it! So I will go back tomorrow and find out why they think we don't need the conference.
i went by the Lawyer office today and they called my house last week and talked to my wife and claim she told them I didn't want a conference. She denied this and we have a he said, she said thing. She knew I had set up the conference and I see no reason she would cancel it. Hopefully it was a mistake and not intentional on their part, as for the wife she's mad. I know what a pain these conferences are for the Oil & Gas , so if they come up with what I requested will let it slide. Me..not the wife!
Any specific info you want to know about in ten? Email me on this board.
Hi Ringgold redskin. I am part of the Rogers Family and was wondering if HK is getting close to drilling on our property? You seem to know alot about oil and gas so thought you might have some information. Thank you.
Hello Susan,
If you are related to the Rogers family that owns land in section 15 of16N 9W they have completed the well location in Section 10 just north of the old Rogers #1 in 15 and permitted the well for a Horizontal Haynesville well under section 15. I was at the pool hearing in BR on tuesday the 31st and it will be pooled. So I think they intend to move a rig in and start drilling promptly. The Rogers family has land in 21, 22 and 28.... 21, 28 and 10 are being pooled at the same time.... the pool hearing is last of this month. I have heard they are no plans on drilling right now just pooling. If the well in 15 turns out ok to good we could see more well in the area as HK has acreage in most of the sections north and south.. 22 is another section they would have half under lease and the north half is Held by Production from the JAG Willamette #1 well in section 15( it was pooled S half of 15 and N half of 22).
Looks good for you from here.
Anytime, Skin
Thanks for the info, Skin. And, yes, we are talking about the same Rogers Family. Will see what happens!
Thanks again, Susan
I just leased to Petrohawk in section 1 and section 6, R9W, T16N. 100 acres total
$3000/acre and 25%....I don't know if any one knows about this but there are many pipeline right of ways being cut thru Nothwest Bienville parish to the Bistineau Storage field. I was informed that these are for future Haynesville wells.


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