Does anyone have info on the Bienville Sand and Gravel, S11-T15N-R10W. It was fracked last week, what is the production rate and any other info. Are any more wells predicted for this section

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I would like to know how to get to this well. Can you tell me where this is from the Bistineau Dam? Thanks
from bistineau dam go east about 4 miles, just past Rocky Mount cemetery road, turn left onto well access road, when the road "y"s go to the right,
Jere, QEP Resources announced they tested the following well at 11.3 MMcfd under their modified testing program with a more restrictive choke size.

Questar, B'Ville SG 11 #H1 Well, Serial #240615, S11-T15N-R10W
Thanks Less
I guess when the price of gas goes up they will open it up some more. Are there anymore wells scheduled for this section?
Jere, QEP's modified testing program is not really price driven. QEP (and some other operators) are producing the wells intially on a smaller choke to keep the rate flat for several months and minimize the pressure drawdown. The objective is ti maximize total gas recovered from the well.

There are no additional Haynesville Shale wells permitted for Section 11 at this time.
Would the process that you are describing make the well produce for a longer time, at a more steady, lower # of MCF's ? If that is correct, do the wells which are on a larger choke size, producing 20+ MCF's not produce the maximum amount of gas possible?
Missy, the QEP process produces the well at a lower rate initially but this results in a lower decline rate and higher flowing pressure in the first 1-2 years. QEP believes the well will have a higher recovery over the well life as the lower initial decline rate would more than offset the lower flow rate.
Thank you so much for that excellent explanation! I would much prefer a well that has a higher recovery over the life of the well. QEP is the operator for our well, so I'm glad to know this.
The following is the initial test results for the well.

Questar, B'Ville SG 11 #H1 Well, Serial #240615, S11-T15N-R10W, Bienville Parish, 11287 Mcfd, 16/64" Choke, 7900 psi Flowing Pressure
Thanks Les,
I check with the Questar man monthly about production and for the past few months it has been 5.6 million per day. Any reason for this? Also, the well has been online since mid June and we haven't received a check yet, when should we get one? Any news about more wells in this section?
Jere, QEP has adopted the resticted rate scheme for producing their wells to relatively flat production for 2-3 months is reasonable.

I would have expected you to receive a check within 90-120 days so you may need to check with QEP on status.

QEP has wells in adjacent sections but no more permitted wells in Section 11 at this time.
Has anyone received any royalty checks from this well yet? I haven't received a check or a division order yet.


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