I found this presentation the other day.  It is from Endeavour Oil and Gas.  I know they are partners with JW Energy.  Does anyone have experience with them?  It has a Haynesville  Slide which is page 15 that shows Southern Bienville and Western Bienville really well along with the rest of the North LA.  Just thought I would post it and see what others would say.



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SONRIS Lite Well Search By Organization.  9 total operated wells from 1967 to 2009.  One uneconomic HA horizontal well and one Waiting On Completion since last April.  These wells are in Bossier Parish.  S22 & 27 - 19N - 11W.


Organization Id Organization Name
Cnt Well Serial Well Name Well Num Status Class Class Type API Number Org ID Field ID Permit Date Sec-Town-Rng Parish
1 120872 ARDIS & COMPANY INC 001 10

17015200390000 E131 1432 07-JUL-67 015-19N-11W 08
2 210554 J B LEVERT LAND CO INC SWD 001 09 II 5 17057224850000 E131 2432 06-SEP-89 057-15S-15E 29

3 212832 CHA MIRE RE SU;JB LEVERT LD CO 002 33

17057225390000 E131 2432 11-DEC-90 057-15S-15E 29
4 217603 LEVERT-MORVANT 001 31

17057226500000 E131 2432 10-JAN-95 057-15S-15E 29
5 234103 MILLS 23 001 10

17015240450000 E131 1432 07-SEP-06 023-19N-11W



6 235428 MILLS 23 002 10

17015241890000 E131 1432 27-APR-07 023-19N-11W 08



7 236114 C R WICKETT 23 003 10

17015242790000 E131 1432 09-AUG-07 023-19N-11W 08 2000
8 240419 HA RA SUF;WICKETT ETAL 27 H 001 10

17015246400000 E131 1432 04-NOV-09 022-19N-11W 08
9 240533 WICKETT ETAL 22 H 001 01

17015246480000 E131 1432 07-DEC-09 022-19N-11W 08

Hi Skip


Thanks for the info.  I was told my lease was assigned to Endeavour by JW.  I do not know if that is good or bad.  What happens with a  company assigns a lease?  

All rights to develop minerals are passed to the assignee.  And the assignee, in this case Endeavor, is required to honor all provisions of the lease.  It's hard to say if this is a good turn of events or not.  J-W for all it's early failures at drilling HA horizontal wells has improved and turned out some good wells.  I wouldn't care to have a company with the track record of Endeavor drilling any wells I had an interest in but when it comes to getting a well, they may be the only option in this particular situation at this time.  I would hope that this is actually a farm out agreement and that J-W is keeping and planning to develop the deep rights and that Endeavor will develop the shallow rights.  You might call and ask.  This may be a way for J-W to hold the leases in force without having to drill an expensive HA horizontal well at this time.

Hi Skip

I gave them call on Friday(yesterday) and they told me they had a 50/50 Joint Venture Agreement with JW but in some cases JW would be listed as the well as the operator and Endeavour would drill the well. They also told me that in some cases it would be  a farm out agreement as you discussed.  Thanks for the assignment information.  Your explanation helps out.  This tract(J-W now Endeavour) they got is a very large tract and the lease will expire at the first of next year.  The Joint Venture avenue must be popular I see other companies have done this.  All I can say is we will see what happens.  Does this happen a lot in North LA?

A lot.

Hi Skip


Thanks for letting me know.  The one thing I will say is at least they took my call an answered my questions.   I had no problem calling in.  I have read stories on here about folks not getting an answer when they contacted the O&G company but I had no issue at all.  I called J-W and I got a live person.  I would hope it is a farm out agreement since the lease covers around 30% of 2 sections in terms of acreage.  

Did you happen to ask what kind of wells they were planning to drill?  I wouldn't mind Endeavor as a Working Interest but I wouldn't want them operating.  I would want J-W to be the operator.  A JV and a Farm Out are a little different.  Endeavor and J-W could JV wells without a Farm Out.  A Farm Out from J-W to Endeavor would tend to indicate that Endeavor would operate.  Of course Endeavor might operate the shallow drilling rights and JV with J-W on the deep rights.  As I mentioned previously, J-W may be taking this route to keep leases in force without drilling a HA well at this time.  Instead Endeavor would come in and drill a shallower well.

Hi Skip


I did ask them that.  They seemed to indicate it would be a  shallow non HA well at this time.  But he did tell me on ours that JW would be the operator and Endeavor would have a working interest.  A well was completed recently by Will Drill and is close less than a section and a half a way to the east of me.  The Serial number is 241418 Castor Field.  Take a look at it Skip and see what you think.  Looks like a decent producer.  I wonder if this is what they have in mind?

It's an average HOSS well for this area.  Do a search by s-t-r but leave the section box blank.  Then you can scroll through all the sections in the township and click on a the producing HOSS wells to compare.  I wouldn't be expecting any HA Shale wells this far east.


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