Permit #  Operator                  Well Name/Location  Field/County               Zone  24Hr Prod.           

47924     Bonanza Creek        Willis "A"  8               Dorcheat Macedonia   CV    993.8 BBLS

                                                S18 - 18S - 21W         Columbia                              195.3 MCF       


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Yes isn't that great. Close to my wells. Bonanza is suppose to drill 4 more wells for us. Wish one would do like this.

Something encouraging for Columbia County members to talk about.  And to follow.

Yes, well they have been talking lately. We all had to go back thru records and show proof we are rightful royalty owners---after all these years. It has been a field day, but we obtained an attorney in Magnolia to handle all paper work and suppose it is settled.

It was a misprint on the Willis well, suppose to be 98 barrels, per Magnolia Reporter.

Thanks for pointing out the misprint. The AO&GC ha


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