According to my information there are seven new wells being drilled in Harrison County right now.  That is the most I can remember in years.

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Yes, 7 horizontal wells, 3 of which are new.  4 are Carthage (Haynesville Shale/gas), 1 is Whelan (formation?/oil), 1 is Waskom (formation?/gas) and 1 Oak Hille (formation?/oil or gas).  I don't follow the Texas RRC fields other than Carthage - Haynesville Shale, so I'll leave it to other members to add that detail.  Good to see members with Harrison County minerals getting this level of development interest.  Good Luck.

I'm guessing that you included the Tanos well in the HA count, Skip. Covey Park, Comstock and Rockcliff wells are HA. Sabine, Tanos and Valence have CV targets. Still... it's the most rigs I've seen in Harrison in a very long time.


             Where is the Oak Hill Well and who is the Operator?  ( I am still not very good on the Railroad Commission website.) 


Hey, Tom. It's in L. B. Blankenship Survey, A-71 and the operator is Sabine. It started out as an HA well but was amended to CV a couple of weeks ago. There is also a HA well permitted on the same pad. It's the Strong-Lowery (AW) Unit.

Julie,        Anything new in Harrison County?         Tom

Tom, there has been quite a bit of activity in the Waskom area in the last year. Rockcliff, Sabine, Tanos, Covey Park (sold to Comstock) and Comstock have all drilled HA in the vicinity. The rest of the county is fairly quiet. Remind me which surveys you are interested in, please, and I'll be happy to go look for you.

Julie,            My wife has tracts south of Hallsville and east of Karnack:  J.D. Pinson, M.K. Weathers, Micajah Lindsey, and J.J. Killingsworth.

Tom, the most recent activity was in J. D. Pinson in 2014-2015.

Julie,                  Anything new going on?  My wife has been getting numerous purchase offers on the J. D. Pinson tract.         Tom

I just rec'ed a division order from Tanos for the Sanders-Moore GU 1H, Is this the one you are asking about.
My RI is very, very, small but it has been a long dry spell for me in this area. By the way, I got an offer to purchase my interest in the Sanders-Moore Cotton Valley wells before I knew I rec'ed the division order from Tanos

Congratulations on your new well, Bob. No, I was referring to the one they are drilling now which is Mahon-Bennet-Shaw #1H in A-235. It's a CV well. Your well finished drilling the middle of September and it is a HA well.

Julie, I sent you a friend request, not sure how all this works, but would like to contact you personally re old and potential new production. My email is  

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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