Does anyone know if this well has been spud or if a rig is in place? SN 243538. I checked on sonris and no spud date as of yet. I have an old lease with Samson that expires this month but looks like they might make the deadline.

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This is a Petrohawk well permit in a Petrohawk drilling unit.  HK has six rigs drilling in this general area of the Haynesville Play.  However five of those are in the early stages of drilling wells and will not  be available to spud a new well by the end on the month.  The Nabors Drilling M47 has been drilling for 48 days and should reach TD (Total Depth) before the end of the month.  Unless HK has plans to bring in a rig from out of the area, the M47 is their only option to get to your well before your lease expires.  Of course if your lease is the only one approaching expiration or is for a relatively small acreage, HK may just plan on offering you a new lease.

Bill, the well was spud on 9/24/11 and is currently drilling.  You can always check the Drilling Rig Locations for current rig activity.


Nabors #M49 Rig, Petrohawk, Haire 20 #H1 Well, SN 243538, S37(20)-T11N-R10W


Ok thanks Les. They just dont have the spud date on sonris yet . A friend that lives down there told me he looked that way going down 49 and said it was "lit-up" like a football field last week so I figured they were close.

Les, I see the rig has been moved..Nabors #M49 Rig, Petrohawk, Ohrt 4 #H1 Well, SN 244054, S4-T12N-R10W. Has this well been abandoned? The last report I saw on sonris said "drilling" Thanks for any info!


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