Indigo wanting to lease next to boles well jessie loose survey

I have been contacted to lease by Indigo oil gas company the minerals are in south rusk county .

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what are they offering to lease your minerals?
They are not offering enough . Why do you ask? Do you have minerals around there?
what is the offer?
100.00 per ac
that is way to small
What do you think it should be???? I really need some help with this. Thanks Nita
doug what do you think it should be ?
i think around 1000
Are you in the oil and gas industry??? Indigo is wanting to drill cotton valley.
Where did you come up with 1000.00 Thank you for getting back with me.
they offered 100 ac. do know what it should be?
what survey you located in and # net minerals you have?
Have you been leased in pass if so by who and when? What you lease value is all in the location, location, location and what going on in your survey or close by it.
jessie loose survey by the boles # 1 we were leased by cheasepeak and also they had us in the unit of the boles # 1 chesapeak revised the unit declaration and left my family out unit was 690 was revised to 640. cheaspeak kept the deep rights and sold other to Indigo minerals.
Our lease was not held in production lease is up. Boles 1 well is in south rusk county J. loose survey . It was leased in 2007 drilled 2008. Minerals net ac. 22.3 Thank you for your response. FS


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