Well now... I got buried with offers to purchase all or part of my Rights to many of our San Augustine Wells Units.

  • Nolte
  • Victoria Anne
  • Brown-Weeks
  • Weeks
  • Davis
  • Parks
  • Parks West
  • York
  • Red River 365 A
  • Red River 365 B
  • Steadman
  • Jacquelyn Bright
  • Dennis
  • McKinney
  • Bennett
  • Freeman Farms

I won't disclose the amount offered, but this is the first time I have ever taken a second look at an offer. I know I have seen a sudden renewal of some Permits and a few new Permits appear on the TRRC GIS Maps since January...

So, is anyone seeing an uptick in Rigs or Fracking Teams arriving or wandering the area? Any and all updates are appreciated.

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I agree that Bodacious looks sounds really good... the menu had me wanting a roadtrip out there! Years ago I remember a little Cafe that Grandad took me to in Timpson... I remember that they did a huge sausage on a bun, Coke and a Milkshake with a refill back then. Have to say I would love a bowl of Texas Chili too... still no one makes chili like they do in Texas.


Classic East Texas in so many ways

On the old rail line "Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Garrison!"

All towns that Grandad always spoke of... remember he always had a copy of the Timpson Times hanging from the arm of his Stratolounger! 

One of the most intense Tx HS football games I ever attended was Timpson vs Tenaha back in late 70's. 

Small town, blue collar, hard-nosed intensity - on field and in the stands!

That's why when we put chili on a burger it's called a Terlingua Burger!  Also, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with beans in chili, you just have to call it chili with beans...

One of my favorite arguments there is Chili... and then there is Chili with Beans! 

And I love a good Chili Burger!

In Texas, putting beans in chili is about like deserting the Alamo.  It Is Not Done!  LOL!

Saw my Grandad pour a whole pan of Chili Beans into the trash because Grandma put Kidney Beans into his Chili! 

Nothing wrong with beans in chili, for consumption.  It has to be in the name (chili with beans), and it cannot be in a competition (as they each have their own category)

Aethon is doing some real interesting things lately.  Refracs and new drills in existing units.

Aethon refracs will be a part of my NARO-LA presentation on Tuesday.  You are correct.  What they say about their refracs is very interesting.

Cool... interested in hearing more.


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