Does anyone know of any leasing or drilling in Shelby County at this time?  Thanks

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i am trying to find out myself;i have min rts leased to devon energy

Just two rigs working in Shelby Co. at the moment.  Both are down toward the San Augustine line and out west of Hwy. 96. 

maybe a bit more drilling to HBP stuff in the next 6 months, but everyone that  I know about is looking for greener pastures

does anybody know what part of shelby county the john mccormick survey is in

Hey Ricky,   Our own minerals are also in the J. McCormick survey in NW Shelby County and we are also leased with Devon.    Our tracts were on the schedule to get drilled a bit over 1 year ago but, unfortunetly, Devon has curtailed their drilling plans in the area due to the current low price of NG and also due to the marginal results from their Smith 1-H well which was drilled in the survey directly adjacent to the J.McCormick.   


Hopefuly if the price of NG settles at a more benificial/higher price sometime in the future we might some interest in the region again?



Where is the Smith 1-H well located?  What towns is it close to, highways near it....just curious as to what are in Shelby County it is in.




We are working with Anadarko and leased land July 2013 close to intersection of Shelby and Panola county. First it was taking time to get the permit, surveys etc. Now we find out a hold was placed on drilling up there. Any input as to what really is going on. Being handled thru Tyler land office. They seemed rush rush to get the land and now a dead stop for who knows how long. Is this usual operating procedure. How much info do these land men really ?
No,please see my comment below. I can't seem to find out anything from the land man up there. It was a rush rush to get land then dead stop. I don't know of anything happening or going to happen up there. We were told Anadarko is the only one drilling up there or so they say. I'm not sure that is true. Any additional info appreciated!

I received a contract from Classic Operating Co. LLC out of Houston to drill a Sharing Well on Whiddon Gas Unit No. 1. Do I need to get a lawyer to look at this contract before I sign?




I might would do that... certainly, if I was unsure just what I was being asked to agree to.

It sounds like they may be asking you to sign a production sharing agreement (PSA) for a well which will cross unit lines and have production from two or more units. This is done to allow for a longer lateral or, sometimes, any lateral at all. A lot of older units were created to accommodate vertical or short directional wells and they just aren't big enough or configured in such a way as to allow a horizontal well of any length to be drilled. So, they have started doing these sharing agreements to allow them to drill across unit lines.

There are quite a number of these PSA wells in Harrison and Panola Counties but they are sort of new this far south. There are some who don't like them because they create a larger pool for that well but, in many cases, they allow a well to be drilled which might never be, otherwise. Production is shared between the units proportionally and that is determined by the effective (producing) footage of the lateral which is located in each unit. 

Is that the O. R. Whiddon Gas Unit? An important point about PSAs... you wouldn't share your royalty from producing unit wells with any other pooled unit of mineral owners. It would just be for new wells which cross unit lines. Any subsequent wells which are located entirely within your established unit would not "share", either.

Sometimes they do this simply because they have a pad and infrastructure already established on one unit so they later decide they want to drill into another unit from that same pad to save some money... but it ends up being located far enough away from the unit boundary that they don't want to leave that much lateral unperfed (unproductive) so they get a sharing agreement and give the SL unit a % of the production just for that small part of the lateral inside that unit.

There are a number of reasons why they might ask for a PSA. Maybe you should ask them why they want one and then decide about the lawyer.

That is a very nice article.  It does shine some light on and gives hope for Shelby County.

Any more info you have on other companies that could be working in SHELBY COUNTY.


Paul Patel


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