I went to the site of both of these wells on 29 July. Both wells are in T16N R16 W , one in Section 10 and one in Section 9 about 1/2 mile from each other. The PBAF well appears to be complete and ready for production if that has not already started. Fracing was being completed on the Agurs well. One of the field workers told me that pressures that morning were at about 7500 psi and pressure is expected to be at about 10,00 psi when their work is complete. According to that worker, it is expected that the well will come in at 10 to 15 mcf/day. This is consistent with other wells south and east of there.

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Bud - Thanks for the update. Any news on the Phillips Foundation 3-H in 3-16N-16W?
Anyone have any new news on either of these wells?
There has been no official production data published on SONRIS by the State yet. I will try to reach a contact that may know something about the Agurs well.
Anyone have news on the PBAF 10-H? or the Phillips Foundation 3-H directly north in 16N-16W? Is CHK shutting in the wells due to price? I own a small interest in 10-16N-16W and have not been sent a division order yet.
There is nothing new on the SONRIS database on these wells, but I think both are complete. It takes quite awhile before division orders are done sometiomes, even if production has started.
Once a well is complete, how long does it take to begin to receive royalties?
Thanks ShaleGeo. Are people starting to receive Haynesville checks? It is within the realm of thinking that once wells are completed they will start to flow and make money....or is it possible that the operators will choke them back and wait for prices to rise? I suppose this is all a wild guess depending on market conditions.
JNP. A "choked" well is still "flowing to sales" and creating royalty. All HA horizontal wells are choked to some degree not because of the price of nat gas but because of the risk of damage to the formation if they were allowed to flow wide open. They may be choked further than required for price reasons or because of insufficient pipeline capacity. A well not "flowing" is "Shut In".
Thanks for adding to my knowledge Skip. I'm just trying to make an educated guess when our first well will start paying out. Any guess as to when they add additional wells to a section?
JNP. Leasing will go on sporadically for a number of years as undeveloped "pockets" are cleaned up or step-outs in drilling are made. However, leasing has already ceased to be the wide spread competition for large blocks of leasehold. There are few large, contiguous unleased blocks remaining in the core and those remain for good reasons. The lignite mines south and east of Mansfield being a good example. By year's end, there should be few remaining sections without unit orders remaining in the core. Those will be HBP by existing production other than HA. Of course densely populated urban areas will be some of the last to be developed in this early phase of the Play. Some companies with small leasehold have already drilled a second HA horizontal in a section/unit. Those that have undrilled sections not held by existing production will drill those units before starting on second wells. Once the infrastructure is in place in each unit, companies will drill based on economics. The better the demand/price the more they will drill.
As always, thanks Skip for these educational lessons. You're a wealth of knowledge.
Okay its Oct now any word on Agurs 9? It is completed and gas is flowing anyone know how good this well is? Can land owners expect checks in time for Christmas?


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