What makes this site so great? Well, I think it's the fact that, quite frankly, we all have alot a stake in this thing they call the Haynesville Shale play. But beyond that, this site is made up of individuals who have worked hard for that little yard we call home, or that farm on which blood, sweat and tears have fallen. I know for our family, our farm has been in the family for over 80 years. Though much of the family is out of state, we still gather there for holidays and summer vacations. It's a refuge of sorts. We have two ponds, timber, and a couple now-vacant chicken houses. Now, because of the shale, this refuge is potentially worth much more monetarily speaking. How excited Grandmother and Granddaddy would be to see the potential impact the farm may now have on generations to come. Never in their wildest dreams had they ever considered such a thing. However, if we never lease, we'll continue to come to the farm to enjoy the rural setting, the off-road trails, the pines, the pond and of course, our family.

As exciting as this is, we know that we have a responsibility to do this thing correctly. After all, we want the farm to remain a place where the family can gather for another 8o years. This site was born out of these desires. Before we started this site, a google of "haynesville shale' brought up a shreveport times article and a geology site. Both important, but allows us to communicate with each other and not be forced fed information certain entities would like for us to consume without question. Sure, you can't trust anything 100%, so be sure to verify what you read. But at its core, this site is filled with landowners and professionals who want to network and be of assistance. So thank you for joining and have fun shaling.  

Keith, AKA Haynesville 


"I really enjoy the site. I have never been on one before. I do have one very important question though. Do you know where the meetings will be held for those of us that have become addicted? I know I need serious help. The first thing I do is head to the computer as soon as I hit the door. (Our little secret), I get up in the middle of the night to get on gohaynesvilleshale. Sell us some t-shirts would you please. Thanks for all of the education and the fun as well. I know that I need to have some stress relief from everything involved with HS."

"This site is awesome!"

"First, thanks for the work you have done on this site. Incredible. For us out of state and "first timers" this site is a wealth of knowledge."

"The website is great. It is one of the first things I check each day. Thanks for the time and effort you took in setting it up. I know a lot of us have added much to our knowledge of gas leasing from this site."

"Very nice job on the site and congratulations on your success. The community is lucky to have found a comfortable internet home that everyone can learn from."

"Wonderful site! Please consider starting a Winn Parish discussion group."

"You can never shine too much light on a new subject. Especially if it concerns the possibility of some income for all of us. I haven't found any other impartial information on the internet that is specifically for our area, so I thank you very much."

"Thank you for your adivce and there's not a big enough "THANK YOU" for for this resourceful website and all the work you have done and do to make it a true asset for all of us."

"Thanks for everything, I've learned way more than I thought I ever needed to know!"

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your site. It has really helped keep a lot of people informed.... I am very happy for all of the Sabine landowners.... thanks again for the site."

"I have to start out thanking you SO MUCH for getting this site going and for all the work you do to try and help keep everyone informed. Personally, it has helped me and my 10 year old out more than words can say. I had not heard from a landman offering more than $500.00 per acre and I found out through this site that I could email the companies myself...2 weeks ago today, I emailed a few of the larger [companies] involved, my first offer from Chesapeake was $4,000 and my first offer from XTO was $11,000 [has since been followed up with a $16,000 offer]. This site has changed my and my son's life for the better, college is no worry for us now. Thank you again."

"I've found your site invaluable. I live out of state but own property in Natchitoches Parish."

'I want to thank you for the work you did in setting up the site. A lot of good things have happened because of it….'

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and effort in creating the web site."

"I really appreciate your website. I inherited some property from my father in DeSoto Parish and your website has really helped me. Keep up the good work!"

"Nice site. Should provide your neighbors with a lot of valuable information."

"I believe that sharing information is incredibly valuable at a time like this."

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