NATCHITOCHES: Hundreds attend Haynesville Shale forum

NATCHITOCHES -- There's one certainty concerning the Haynesville Shale and Natchitoches Parish: No one knows if the potentially-mammoth natural gas deposit even reaches that far.

That uncertainty didn't prevent more than 600 people from attending a Wednesday night information forum with representatives from the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, a non-profit that represents the independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.

Residents of Natchitoches Parish filled the Natchitoches Events Center for information on land leasing, royalties and potential red flags.

James Dean left with a pretty good understanding of the shale and what to expect. Of course, Dean came in with a pretty good understanding. The former oil man -- he worked for oil companies Penrod and Mobil -- said the Haynesville Shale is in its "infancy."

"Only time will tell," he said about to how big the shale could be.

Dean's comments summed up the basic points of the forum.

So far, the shale has primarily been confined to northern Louisiana, near Shreveport. No one, not even the oil companies, knows how far it goes. That will only be determined by seismographic measurements.

"This is the beginning, but we don't know," said Don G. Briggs, LOGA President.

Only about 50 wells have been dug within the existing Haynesville Shale-boundaries.

Briggs added that the reason for the forum was due to "a lot of misinformation." His hope is to provide people with "straight-forward, unbiased information" regarding the shale -- where it is and how much to expect for a land lease.

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Comment by Natch N3 on June 27, 2008 at 14:22
was it helpful at all to the people of the parish? I would seem that they could've given indication if the O / G companies were even lookin north and westward towards Natchitoches. My uncle attended as well and he said this.

The meeting was only concerning the Haynesville shale. They talked
about drilling in that area only. They talked about lease papers and how
lease prices or set. They did not mention anything
of the exploration that is currently going on.
The only maps that were displayed, were the area they are drilling
in,(haynesville), not the whole shale lay out. The exploration is
moving at a rapid rate, there are numerous crews working this entire area.
I have spoken with some of the crew, and they tell me, the government
land will be worked first then the private land.
They have not surveyed a line across our property yet, but are working
right next to us. Will let you know as I get information.

So, as I was hoping the meeting would've shed light in our direction it would seem we all just need to keep blogging and gather as much "accurate information" we can....thanks for sharing this article

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