how have you helped people with HS $?

Jack did not get rich, but it sure is a windfall. Lately Jack has been leaving $50.00 in hotels on his last night there, whether it is for one night or 4. It does not matter how many nights he is there. He leaves a note in room with $ that says tip for housekeeper. Jack figures those Mexican housekeepers probably really appreciate the cash. They probably make about that for a days work.

Think about it..............If you got an extra days pay at your day rate, would you like it?

That is what Jack has been doing. What have you been doing to help people? Think up a good way to share your HS $, even if it's just a little you share. Even if you got just a little.

Now you instant millionaires and instant 1/4 millionaires, ya'll really need to show the love cried Jack Blake!!!!!!!!!


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