Section 21 t10n r11w MattheW Murray #21 current status

-Jack Blake wants to keep up with this well and hopes others who have interest in or knowlege of will post.
-Today Jack learned that the well was flowed back within the past couple weeks and there was a big flare burning. Yeah!!!!
Jack passed by the well today and talked to some hands whjo were going to replace the wellhead. They said the well had been chemically plugged and was in the process of being pressure testing to 17000#. The hand who told Jack this really did not know jack s--- about the well as he told Jack the well had not been fraced yet (frac was a month or so ago and then coil tubing drilled the plugs out).
-Jack saw two brand new stock tanks and a brand new gas seperator skid installed at the well site today. (stock tanks installed permanently?????? Perhaps matthew Murray #21 is not dry gas.....condensate sales??? oh yeah!!
-Jack saw a wind direction sock and a rack of breathing air bottles on the site h2s???
-Jack saw that they have done siesmic all around the area within the last coulpe weeks today, by the filled bore holes. Jack was gonna call CGG Veritas(sp) because he had seen no check, but check was in mail when Jack went by post office today.
-Jack spoke to Centerpoint today and they will be laying P/L close to this well in 2 weeks. Jack was not told, but jack thinks this well will flow into that P/L.
-Jack heard of a section in Sabine that has two wells permitted for one section... Could this be???
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Comment by Jack Blake on July 16, 2010 at 20:03
Jack found out these two tanks on the well site are standard procedure. They have one tank for water and one tank for condensate/oil even if the well is a dry gas well.
Jack found out the frac was 13 stages in a 4000' plus lateral. That has got to mean this well will be killer (at least that is jack's thinking).
I am still beating the bushes to find out what the IP was.
Please post it here if youy hear anything related to this well.
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