Hope Christian Fellowship Church filed a case against a particular Oil & Gas company.  The final results were quite interesting. 

Anyone familiar with this case?


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Vaguely familiar.  What was the final result?

Hi Skip, you can read about it on the Web. 

Not the final result you allude to.

royalty owner's efforts to (a) avoid mandatory arbitration or (b) have the Court require "class arbitration" were both denied, and, instead, the litigation was stayed pending individual arbitration for each of the 40 plaintiffs claims.  Huge setback for the royalty owners.  The arbitration clauses in the leases require the parties to equally split the cost of the arbitration.


Thanks, Steve.  I looked and couldn't find the current status.

decision was rendered last week.  wasn't easy to find but I found it.

LN, is this the final result to which you were referring?


I wish you had stated that the litigation was stayed pending arbitration at the first of the discussion instead of making us search for it.  From Steve's reply it would appear that this is not a final result as the suit is stayed pending arbitration for each individual plaintiff.


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