Louisiana gained 2 rigs, but the Haynesville is down -1. Anybody know which play picked up rigs?

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Probably Lincoln Parish area. South La is dead.

I think Lincoln stayed the same or dropped one.  The increase is in the 3Cs Play (hint, not really a play).  One rig each in Catahoula, Claiborne and Concordia parishes.  All vertical wells targeting oil.

There are (3) rigs in the Choudrant field that the drilling is complete. I have not seen these rigs listed within the drill count. They are on Cheatwood Rd.

Here is where the active rigs are currently.  



where would I find a map like that of rigs active in DeSoto and Sabine Parishes?  There used to be a regular posting of drilling rig locations in the HA Shale, but that seems to have disappeared.

message me and i can send you one if you give me a specific area.



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