I've  sent at least 2  Demand Letters to an oil company regarding our Well payout.  As of yet, they have not responded to me.  According to Louisiana law, don't they have to respond to my letter within 30 days?


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did you demand an accounting, and cite the applicable provision of the La. Mineral Code, and send the letter certified, return receipt?

I have not reviewed the UMI blog in a few years but suspect that it is still applicable.  I started to excerpt the portion that addresses this particular concern but thought better of it.  Members should read the whole blog and act on the portion that applies to their particular circumstance.  Use this link:


Hey Skip, 

I've just printed this information and will read it thoroughly.

Thanks for sharing this with me.

(Legally, can I post a copy of the Demand Letter that I sent to the Oil Company or no)?

Hi Steve P,

I didn't know that I was to do those things that you mentioned.  However, I'll get on it pronto!

Thank you so much for helping me.

I'll keep you all up-to-date as to how things turn out.

If you don't send the letter certified, return receipt, you have no way of showing that they actually received your letter.  Suggest you demand a response in 30 days.

As always, Skip raises a good point - there is a specific provision in the La. Mineral Code for a "lessor" demanding an accounting from its lessee.  I'm not aware of any such provision for an unleased mineral owner.  The Mineral Code has some built in protections for leased mineral owners.  I'm' not sure that similar provisions protect unleased mineral owners.

But if you wrote a letter demanding an accounting, and sent it certified, your operator would be more likely to pay attention and send a response.

Unless the operator is Chesapeake.  In my experience, your likelihood of a response is diminished with them.


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