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We are Keith and Anna-Faith Mauck. We own and operate As you probably know, we are a community of landowners who share information about leasing, drilling and production. 

We launched GHS in the summer of 2008, to simply get answers to our own questions regarding leasing and drilling. It was a pretty innocuous beginning, But when the website lit up with activity, I realized just how vital a service the website provided. It provided an edge that landowners did not previously have as land was leased and drilled by oil and gas companies. Landmen have reported to me that they dare not begin their day without reading the latest chatter on our websites. What we do is pretty powerful…yet simple!

We've been helping each other by sharing information and knowledge to assist each other in some very real and tangible ways. From single moms to retirees, thousands have been helped. They’ve gotten better leases for their minerals and have made better income. And it’s all a result of neighbors helping neighbors. And today, members continue to reap the benefits.

Thousands of landowners continue to visit our community to glean and share information. My hope is that our network will continue to thrive and make a difference for landowners participating in the shale revolution. Our land and minerals are a precious possession and we need a place to discuss these important issues.

The sites have always been 99% funded by advertisers and we've worked hard to keep it that way. I want to keep the sites free and open for anyone who wants to join and participate, or join and simply read. This has been made possible through great advertisers and a loyal audience. However, with the latest down turn in the oil and gas industry, this has become very challenging lately, if not impossible. So, I'm turning to you, our fellow landowners.

We want to be sure that the network's fixed expenses will be covered. These expenses include software services, web design services, and marketing.

And by the way, no donation is too small. We take each donation as a sign of encouragement to keep plugging away.

Thank you for considering a donation!

Sincerely yours,

Keith Mauck / Publisher

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