I was contacted this week about leasing property in the W. White survey off FM705. The initial offer is $400 p/acre bonus w/ 20% royalty. I politely countered with something more acceptable to me (if bonus is lowball, royalty will have to dramatically increase). I am not familiar with the company offering the lease. Another company (Red Hat) inquired about my A. Spear survey properties this week & an offer is forthcoming. Who else is getting contacted & what are reasonable expectations in the current market? In 2008, there was a wave of lower offers before the better offers came though. Could this be a similar situation?

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Thanks for information/education !

You're welcome, JWC.  Julie knows more about E TX Haynesville development than anyone I know in the business.  She deserves to be referred to anyone who needs help with mineral titles, leases or sales.

Yes she does.  Julie has been very helpful to us in the past.

Got another call from Texas about an hour ago (22:18  hours Central time) about our holdings - didn't want to discuss leasing, not a Landman, but wanted to purchase all holdings at a fairly high dollar...

Never heard of them - Said he was the Frontman with Texas Allied Holdings? They look like a legit company from a quick search with an offer of $18K per mineral acre. Anyone heard of them?

Still said "no"... however it does make me wonder what the sudden interest to generate that price was for and if we are going to see an upswing to justify it? 

Something about them did not sound right... wanted to know too many questions about things that a Landman would already know... and above all else - DID NOT SPEAK WITH A SOUTHERN ACCENT!


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