I was contacted this week about leasing property in the W. White survey off FM705. The initial offer is $400 p/acre bonus w/ 20% royalty. I politely countered with something more acceptable to me (if bonus is lowball, royalty will have to dramatically increase). I am not familiar with the company offering the lease. Another company (Red Hat) inquired about my A. Spear survey properties this week & an offer is forthcoming. Who else is getting contacted & what are reasonable expectations in the current market? In 2008, there was a wave of lowball offers before the big boys came though. Could this be a similar situation?

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Could you be a little more specific about where your interests are located.  County and Abstract Nos. help.  The gas market, overall, is still pretty depressed.

Looks like FM705 in San Augustine county. I would not think rush of BIG BOYS in this area.

RHB is correct. San Augustine County, TX.

W. White Abstract 308

A. Spear Abstract 43

I thought I posted in SA County Group, sorry.

Do you recall what Operator has you W. White lease ??

No, the landman was out of Dallas & stated they are the only active company in SA County. I was driving & didn't write down the info. He said they were putting together a pool to drill south of Hwy 103 off FM705. My land is north of HWY 103 & would be in northern end of pool. 

What state and/or parish are you in?



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