We were advised by an attorney in Nov. 2007 to accept a very low offer ($250/Ac/ bonus) before any of the family knew about H.S. (we are out of state). Does anybody know if we have recourse against the attorney? It seems like his errors and omissions insurance (if any) might allow us to recoup a part of what we gave away. Can anybody refer an attorney for me to contact?

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I have no knowledge of what he knew. I only be became educated within the last six weeks or so and assumed the knowledge of Barnett and Haynesville had been known for some time (before 11/07).
P.S.: Thank you for your reply.
Thank you! Now maybe I can have a little peace.
HBP, the small x in the upper right hand corner of your "posts" or replies gives you the choice of deleting individual comments or replies.
Phillip here is an analogy for you: Let's say you sell your house in 2005 for $100,000 and then find out in 2008 it is worth $800,000 for what ever reason. Who are you going to sue? In louisiana oil and gas leases for mineral estates have been negotiated for years even decades at an average of say $100-$300/acre. The oil companies made billions in louisiana over this time frame. Are all those land owners who let leases for the cheap binus money able to sue because they were short changed? Even when a company has knowledge of a well that has been drilled and logged and then goes out to finish putting their lease block together at the same prices they started at is probable not liable for anything but the royalties agreed to in the new leases. Many people have leased their land in negotiated deals for the same money are less then you, including professional oil people, do they have recourse?

Be thankful that you hired an attorney. Those of us that did, at least got some good provisions in our lease that we would not have otherwise gotten.

If you have any recourse in the form of a suit it would be against the Gas company themselves.

Then you would have to prove that fraud occurred.

Your time on your lease would be "suspended" until the suit was resolved.


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