At What point can a company force pool an owner ? Can they simply pool everyone else once they get a majority ownership in the unit ? what if i am trying to negoiate and they refuse ?

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See comment your page. Any particular TRS you are referring to?
Thanks for your reply, This info will be very helpful. The first line of your reply says a lot, but I feel if I am trying to work with them and they refuse then they are not doing their due diligence to lease , if they can force pool someone without their being approached to lease as has happened in my case or as is happening now, a rep contacts and then never contacts again this is going to lead to serious implications in the future. If a person is willing to lease but not under terms that could be against his future welfare and the company can do this then what alternatives,once the unit desigination is done,does a person have?And I don't want to be a working int.
Ok K B what is the difference between a 30:5 unit & a 30:9? This is a different term than I have read here on this site.


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